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Our Custom Reporting solutions offer a truly independent and unbiased assessment of your needs and then list out possible solutions. This gives our customers a bird’s eye view of the technology landscape and helps make decisions that are better aligned with the business. One of the key reasons why companies choose the cloud over on premise solutions is its affordability and the ease of use. This needs to be balanced with a focus on security and flexibility. Custom reporting solutions has an important role to play in each of these aspects. A company that requires 1000’s of reports being accessed by 1000’s of employees have different needs compared to say a small business that has a few employees and smaller subset of report. While the former requires scalability the later might focus on ease of use, making the cloud the ideal choice for the former and on premise for the latter. We are committed to understanding your requirement first and then offering the solution that is the best fit.



As a small business you should be focused on driving the business, which can be challenging considering the need for dedicated IT staff for support and maintenance related tasks. Pars Consulting provides SMEs the flexibility to have those tasks offloaded to a trusted partner so that CEO’s can focus on growth instead,



We believe in constant learning being a powerful tool to transform a business. After all a companies employees are the best people to deliver insight. To enable this transformation our industry recognized trainers are available to customize training’s as per you individual needs.


Our Custom reporting Solutions start off with the simple step of identifying what questions the client wants answered. This allows us to evaluate all decisions based on how well it addresses the first question and clearly tying the business requirement with the technology being used.

solid ideas for internal workflows and reporting that help us make better business decisions

Ardavan began by understanding our business top to bottom, and then recommended steps to grow the business and make it successful. He has solid ideas for internal workflows and reporting that help us make better business decisions. Ardavan accommodates our rate of change, because he keeps our business interests in mind and where we want to grow. We seek his counsel for major business decisions and trust his counsel. Pars Consulting is critical to our business success.

Art Macomber
Macomber Law, PLLC

Worth every dollar I spent

My firm used Mr. Gurg for several database report projects. I was completely satisfied with his working style and the results. I am still surprised that he tolerated me and my staff so well as we routinely peppered him with changes and questions. Worth every dollar I spent.

Ben Neiburger
Elder Law Attorney, CPA

He further helped us design a framework to improve firm analytics

I met Ardavan through a rollout of BillingMatters to my 25-person firm. My firm was dealing with longstanding time delays within TimeMatters for pulling up billing entries, and Ardavan proposed BillingMatters as a solution, moving away from QuickBooks. We gave Ardavan two key requirements: BillingMatters needed to be up and running as soon as possible, and employee downtime needed to be minimized. Ardavan came through, letting us get our invoices to the client on time, and keeping the staff working. He further helped us design a framework to improve firm analytics, and made sure to teach us about the system we were using so we could handle the small problems ourselves.

I look forward to an on-going relationship with Ardavan, and recommend him to anyone needing to have work done on TimeMatters, BillingMatters, or MS SQL.

Ian Leonard
Financial and Management Analyst