Custom workflow or process automation is a key aspect of ensuring consistent performance and quality for end users. It is the significant breakthrough that allowed the mass production of cars and revolutionized the automotive industry. Today we are seeing a similar shift, except we are replacing labor intensive processes with software automation and robotics.

Why use a Custom Workflow?

Fast internet access and mobile phones have made reaching out to vendor’s extremely streamlined and efficient however this has turned out to be a double edged sword with customers expecting immediate responses as well.  Often implementing a custom workflow can help ensure that leads don’t slip thru the cracks and at the same time provide users with that consistent professional experience all small businesses strive for. A custom workflow helps automate the repetitive works freeing up people to do the stuff that matter more e.g. a sales enquiry that responds immediately  with a tracking number and details of the employee assigned. This process doesn’t require any manual intervention and help track the customer’s journey within the sales process allowing the right people to get involved at the right time.Similarly an automated process can collect feedback after the sales process so that customer engagement remains high.

How can we help?

Products that perform these tasks can be bought off the shelf however they offer limited customization and are often tailored to specific industries like call center management etc.  Most small business will require a more tailored approach keeping in mind their core values and how that translates to a workflow they are comfortable with. At Pars Consulting we can provide the technical skills required to integrate the existing labor intensive tasks into an efficient and easy to use framework. We ensure that the process works the way your company does business while still being flexible to handle any changes you might want in the future. Automating tasks provide significant cost savings in the medium to long term and is a investment most companies implement as they grow larger.