This foundation class is designed for professionals who want to leverage Time Matters and integrate the features into an organization’s workflow, such as: navigation tips tricks, managing Contact and Matter records, documenting events and ToDo records, incorporating calendars, reminders and other pertinent functions. For over twenty years, Time Matters has assisted law firms, legal departments and other organizations to streamline operations, increase organizational productivity, decrease administrative costs and increase profitability by providing a comprehensive and easy-to-use collection of information management tools. The agenda for this class was designed for Time Matters version 10 to 16. Each participant will receive a 159 page Time Matters Basic Training Manual.

TM 101 – Agenda (8 to 11 am Pacific Time)

  • Lesson 1:  Overview & Navigation
    The class will begin with an overview and introduction to Time Matters terminology and functionality, including navigation tools, screen layout and hot keys.
  • Lesson 2: Contact Records
    The participants will learn about distinguishing between contact lists, forms and copying a contact records.
  • Lesson 3: Matter Records
    The class will gain knowledge about how to utilize Matter lists and forms.
  • Lesson 4: Events and ToDo’s
    The participants will understand the advance functionality of event lists, event forms, ToDo lists and ToDo forms.
  • Lesson 5: Calendar & Quick Alarms
    The class will gain an understanding about customizing calendars (daily, weekly, and monthly), setting an alarm, and setting a record-related reminder.
  • Lesson 6: Alerts, Reminders & Watches Screen and Journal
    The participants will increase their knowledge about alerts, reminders and Watches Screen, as well as marking records as complete, and viewing and editing different journal styles.
  • Lesson 7: Related Records and Timeline Information
    The class will learn about importance of related records and why Automatic and Specified Relations are important to workflow management.
  • Lesson 8: Searching for Data
    The class will acquire knowledge about the five types of search options (quick field, text field, combined, advanced, and global search).
  • Lesson 9: Printing Reports
    The class will learn about formatting and filtering mechanisms and printing single records, lists and various types of calendar options.

Please register 5 business days prior to class to receive a copy of your Time Matters Basic Training Manual (159 pages) in time.