Our passion for helping our clients to leverage technology, has pushed Pars Consulting Incorporated to the forefront of our field. We have helped our clients:

Creating a practice management system for our clients that will serve their needs by implementing the following principles:

  • Authority: Creating single point command for tasks delegated and appropriate reporting back to that point.
  • Division of Work: Creating a system to effectively delegate and distribute the work.
  • Forecast & Plan: Creating a strategy for future tasks and events.
  • Organization: Creating an effective organizational model that is easy to understand, implement and use.
  • Coordination: Creating established rules and conformity in actions.

Our clients choose and depend on us for our technical knowledge, deep industry experience. We design and implement our practice management hand in hand with input from our clients. Our goal is to minimize the disruption to the business of our clients by implementing evolutionary methods rather than creating a revolution within their business.


Custom Report Writing

We have developed expertise in custom report writing for Time Matters and Billing Matters.  Our software of choice is SQL Server Reporting Services.  A free download from Microsoft.  This software allows for very flexible and address our clients needs very efficiently.  Some of the highlights are

  • Address complex reporting needs with standard tools
  • Simple access through Internet Explorer
  • Integration with Time Matters through Launch Pad and Power View both standard features of Time Matters
  • Drill Down capabilities
  • Complex charting capabilities
  • Schedule report delivery via e-mail
  • Integration with SharePoint using web parts
  • Integrated security with your Windows Server software

Time Matters PowerView

Power View is one of the most powerful feature of Time Matters that often goes unused.  This tool creates a preview pane used to see the details of a record on a list without opening the record.  Additionally you can program many type of functionality into it.