I hired Ardavan to implement the Billing Matters module in my Time Matters program. I normally do all of my own installation and set up for software, I’m pretty darned competent given the time to figure things out. But I became aware that I wasn’t utilizing Time Matters potential fully and I didn’t want to make that mistake with Billing Matters.

Working around a family crisis on my part, Ardavan was cooperative, flexible and eventually just plain wonderful. Because I normally like to and can figure things out myself, I’m a tough IT customer. I’ve told Microsoft tech support about features on Outlook that they didn’t even know where there. So when I say Ardavan did a great job, this is not coming from someone who thinks computers are magic.

And he did a small change to Time Matters that as I said to my husband will save only a few seconds to a minute each time I use it – but which I will use many times a day and which will save more in reduced aggravation than I can say.

All in all – BRAVO