TM 301 – Agenda (8 am to 4 pm Pacific Time)

This all day seminar will give experienced and advanced Time Matters user a comprehensive understanding of this software and will take them to a new level. The material covered in this class is much of the widely used programming techniques by Time Matters Consultants.

For over twenty years, Time Matters has helped law firms, legal departments and other organizations streamline operations and increase profitability by providing a comprehensive, yet easy-to-use collection of information management tools.

Like most software on the market today, Time Matters is greatly underutilized. We have put together a comprehensive training to benefit both new and experienced users. As an experienced user you will learn advanced tips and tricks that will take you to the next level. The agenda for this class was designed for Time Matters version 10 to 16.

TM 301 – Agenda (8 am to 4 pm Pacific Time)

  • Lesson 1: Program Level Settings
    General Settings
    Firm Settings
    Lists Settings
    Program Level Quick Tabs
    Forms Settings
    Links Settings
    Update Settings
  • Lesson 2: Setting Up Staff, User Logins and Groups
    Creating Staff and Resources
    Creating User Logins and Setting Security
    Creating Groups
  • Lesson 3: Classification Codes
    Creating Classification Codes
  • Lesson 4: Advanced Scheduling Features
    Schedule Repeating Events
    Date Calculator
    Chain Templates
  • Lesson 5: AutoEntry Forms
    Creating An AutoEntry Form
    Using an AutoEntry Form
    Associating an AutoEntry Form with a Classification Code
    Using an AutoEntry Form with the Classification code association
  • Lesson 6: Custom Fields
    Customizing a User Field
  • Lesson 7 Form Styles
    Creating a Form Style
    Assigning a Form Style to Multiple Classification Codes
  • Lesson 8: Document Search & Indexing
    Performing a Search
    Save a Document Search
    Document Indexing
    Saving a Tagged List
  • Lesson 9: Archiving Records
    Archiving a Single Record
    Viewing Archived Records
    Restoring an Archive Record to the active record list
    Batch archiving
    Recommended Procedure for archiving closed cases and associated records

Please register 5 business days prior to class to receive a copy of your Time Matters Training Manual (156 pages) in time.