This class is designed for professionals that bill their own time and/or set up clients to be billed. Participants will learn how to designate a client for billing and apply billing rules, such as hourly, task-based, flat fee, contingency, etc. Instruction will include understanding the relationship between staff, task rate tables, billing preferences and other billing matter settings controlled through time-saving Billing Matters functionality. Our goal is to simplify tracking of time, expenses and invoices. By utilizing simple shortcuts, your business will reduce performing duplicative functions and increase organizational efficiency. This class is applicable to Billing Matters versions 9, 10, 11 and 12.  Each participant will receive a 112 page Billing Matters Basic Training Manual.

BM 201 – Agenda (8 to 11 am Pacific Time)

  • Lesson 1: Billing Matters Overview
    The class will begin with an overview of the Billing Matters menu and navigation, and we will discuss how lists and forms interact.
  • Lesson 2: Entering Time and Expense Billing Items
    The participants will learn how Time or Expenses can be charged by examining billing items, staff time sheets and creating work in progress.
  • Lesson 3: Program Setup-Billing
    The class will learn the various types of billing methodologies and how rate and aging options play a key role in receipt and invoice management.
  • Lesson 4: Rates and Rate Tables
    The class will review various rate and billing options to suit a wide range of billing practices.
  • Lesson 5: Bill Profiles
    Participants will gain knowledge about billing profiles, itemization options, types of total and summary table selections, and billing messages (e.g., aging messages).
  • Lesson 6: Adding a New Client
    The class will understand the steps required to apply how Billing Preferences affect rate, fee, expense and accounting management.

Please register 5 business days prior to class to receive a copy of your Billing Matters Basic Training Manual (112 pages) in time.